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The workplace is up in smoke - is my business ready for a dynamic and ever changing landscape??

"The goal is to simplify peoples relationship to technology, be it at the office, at home, or in a work from home/work on-the-go environment. In essence to have an all purpose liaison to every tech aspect of your life and business."



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the Method to the Solution

Me and my partner, know that in this socio-economic climate there is no such thing as one solution. What we aim to do is take the grunt work out of your digital needs, by being the middle man between you and the confusion, and vendors.

We partner at a local level with low voltage, plumbing, contracting, data wiring, voip providers and whatever else is needed, from a stable of HIGHLY curated, although always changing vendors.


At the same time we engage, and manage relationships with parts and service providers such as ATT, Comcast, Atlantic Broadband, Apple, Best Buy, Linksys, Amazon, Ubiquiti, Dell, Office Depot and the like, to take the stress out of you having to manage and worry about the hassle it takes to interact with them. While we do this, we also audit these bills to make sure you are getting the most for you money and if possible, figure out a way to almost pay our selves with the money we save you!

In the web and social media vein, we take the same approach. Artistic direction and most mapping out and structure is done in house, but if there is need for work to be delegated out for some of the more tedious things, then we have people we already work with and trust to collaborate on almost any scale project or site or app development .

Robert Marks
Head Consultant
Julian Hernandez-Marks
Social Media Director
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Lets Talk Deliverables

Tech Services

  • In The Home​​ Environment

    • network, wifi or lan​

    • workstation maintenance, on site or remote

    • smart home functionality both boutique or large scale

      • ie: locks, thermostats, blinds, lights, cameras etc​

    • tying smart components together for ease of use

    • television hanging

  • In The Business Environment

    • network, printing, and server maintenance​

    • migrations solutions ie: into cloud desktops or email solutions

    • security, entryway, surveillance

    • workstations

      • ie: maintenance upgrades, streamline or restores

  • "the New Mobile User Package"

    • tiered pricing depending on need and industry​

    • shipped direct to me for setup, then disinfected and couriered to you.

    • setup and optimized for your field, with all Remote Desktop, vpn, chat, email, office and support needs preconfigured and setup for you, personalized with remote support after delivery via video or remote access, to get you up and running safely from home without ever having to leave.

Digital Services

  • Social Status

    • Google, Facebook, Yelp, ratings assistance​

    • social media assistance

    • posting structures, advertising etc

  • Web Development and Positioning

    • very specific but wide spectrum offered from easy peasy wix help to quickly get someone up and running to more in-depth Wordpress or Shopify sights to be used for e-com etc ... call for request​


Corporate Tech or Web Clients

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